Your care

People Care focuses on all care recipients with complex problems such as behavioral problems, development problems, psychiatric disorders and / or intellectual disabilities. People Care is open to all care recipients, regardless of race or religion.

At People Care you can count on the following 4 certainties:

One Dream, One Team

People Care is based on the strength of the client, taking into account the limitations that can play a role in daily functioning. The support from People Care is demand-oriented and goal-oriented, whereby the client’s environment is tested. Various methodologies are used for this.

Ambulatory support

Ambulatory support means that you live in your own home and receive guidance there. The guidance is focused on your question and need.

Individual guidance

People Care offers supportive or activating guidance.


If the demand for care makes it necessary, People Care also provides nursing in the home situation. 

Personal care

People Care offers personal care, right at home.