Individual guidance

What is individual guidance?

Sometimes care is not so much needed as a listening ear and a helping hand. In those cases, People Care can offer supportive or activating guidance.


What can we do for you?

Our guidance can vary from keeping company, getting groceries together, doing odd jobs or going out together for something fun. This form of support can be a solution for people who are no longer able to undertake things independently or who have difficulty in keeping structure in their lives.

Are you looking for guidance at home or daytime activities?

In addition to individual guidance, People Care also offers daytime activities for people with problems. Guidance at home or daytime activities is also regularly used for relief. With individual counseling, the counselor helps the informal caregiver, for example, with planning and allocating tasks.

Request care

People Care is a care organization and therefore available for anyone with an care demand. Do you have questions about care or domestic help? Are you interested? Don’t hesitate and get in touch.