Ambulatory support

What is ambulatory support?

Ambulatory support means that you live in your own home and receive guidance there. The guidance is focused on your question and need. People Care groups the care offer in different forms so that there is always a suitable approach for different requests for help.


Practical home counseling is covered by the WMO counseling and is available for anyone who needs extra support to (continue to) live at home independently due to psychological or social problems, a disability or other circumstances. Together with the help from People Care we help you to regain control and enjoy life. The guidance can focus, among other things, on support with;


After the start of the counseling, a research period of six weeks begins and a support plan is drawn up by the ambulatory counselor, after which an appropriate intervention will be offered, which is tailored to the problems and needs of the client. People Care is able to work system-oriented and, if necessary, the request for help can be expanded to the needs of the other family members.

Intensive ambulatory family counseling

Intensive outpatient family counseling offers help to families in danger of crisis. The care is provided at home and is aimed at families with children / young people who have complex developmental and / or serious behavioral problems. The parents gain insight into the child’s problems. They are helped to stimulate the child in his or her development in the family situation and learn to deal with the behavioral problems. Ambulatory family counseling focuses especially on increasing the knowledge and skills of the parents, which they need in their upbringing.

Practical pedagogical family counseling

The practical pedagogical family counseling offers parents parenting support for children with a developmentally delayed disability. Raising these children requires a special approach and as a parent you may be faced with many questions. People Care offers you valuable support in this regard.